State of Franklin CofCC

February 23rd Anti-Immigration Rally

January 17, 2013

February 23rd we will have our first Stop the Third World Invasion of 2013.  We are planning four of these rallies throughout Tennessee in 2013 and for the 23rd we are aimed at securing a spot in downtown Knoxville. More to follow. 


3, 4 November 2012 Gun Show

November 5, 2012

RK Shows hosted a Gun Show at the Knoxville Expo Center and we were able to set up and distribute free Citizens Informer Newspapers, CofCC Brochures, Stop the Third World Invasion fliers, CofCC Deport Illegals bumper stickers and sell a collection of anti-Obama bumper stickers and t-shirts. Thanks to all the activists who came out to help us reach out to our Folk.

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31st March 6th Annual Celt Fest

February 20, 2012
For more info see Celt Fest
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27 February Greeneville, TN

February 20, 2012
South Africa Project comes to the State of Franklin as we stand arm in arm at Greeneville in order to shed light on the Boer Genocide. We will be starting around 11am at the Federal Courthouse. Stand with us for the White Afrikaners who are are being raped, murdered and bludgeoned at increasingly alarming rates.  
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25 February Chapter Meeting

February 20, 2012
Chapter Meeting the 25th of February in downtown Knoxville. Come fellowship and help us plan our activities for the coming year or just to learn more about our movement. Contact Us for more info.  
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Robert E Lee Birthday Celebration

January 17, 2012
The 21st of January we will be hosting a Celebration in honour of Robert E Lee north of Knoxville. Any interested in attending should Contact Us.
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12 November Great American Gun and Knife Show

October 27, 2011
Great American Gun and Knife Show the 12th and 13th of November at the National Guard Armoury in Clinton, Tennessee went great. Several Chapter Activists showed up as we reached out to the local populace and distributed free Council Reporter Newspapers and other Council literature.  
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22nd October Stop the Third World Invasion Rally

August 24, 2011
Greeneville, Tennessee the State of Franklin CofCC along with another local activist group held a successful rally on the steps of the Greeneville Courthouse. There was a lot of public support and very few, almost non-existent, folk that disagreed with our stance. We were able to pass out a good number of flyers and talk to many interested passers. 
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18th June Meeting a Monumental Success

June 19, 2011
Despite a torrential downpour our inter-organizational meeting was a massive success.  Multiple like minded organizations and individuals were in attendance. We had folk from all across East Tennessee and Southern Appalachia. Chattanooga, Tazwell, Knoxville, Elizabethton, Morristown and even southwest Virginia and North Carolina just to name a few of the areas represented.  From here we have gone from a steady advance to a full blown charge in our grassroots push here in the State of Franklin...
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19 March 2011 Celt Fest

November 4, 2010
See the Celt Fest Page on this site
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